12. 02. 2024
Construction of stage 2 has begun in the Urbanity Campus Tachov
The Urbanity real estate group has just begun the construction of two more production buildings in its...
02. 01. 2024
A new standard for the construction of industrial projects is coming
Boxes along motorways have become synonymous with industrial complexes and logistics centres...
11. 12. 2023
Urbanity Campus Tachov won two first places in the 2023 Estate Awards
The Urbanity real estate group took home two first places from this year’s annual Estate Awards...
28. 11. 2023
First the largest rooftop power plant, now a large-capacity battery storage system. Green energy will cover up to 40% of the consumption of the production complex in Tachov
The Urbanity Campus Tachov production complex is heading toward energy independence through the use of renewable...
22. 11. 2023
Urbanity is the first developer in the ESG Rating rankings. It is putting its trust in energy savings and recycled building materials
Urbanity is the first real estate company to place on the ESG Rating ranking...
16. 11. 2023
Urbanity commences revitalizing an industrial brownfield in Bruntál
Interview with Roland Hofman, CEO and co-founder of Urbanity Group, about the upcoming project in Bruntál...
15. 11. 2023
Urbanity Campus Tachov won the Best of Realty award in the category of Industrial and Logistics Sites
In the 25th year of the prestigious “Best of Realty – Nejlepší z realit” awards, the best projects in the Czech real...
03. 08. 2023
Urbanity presents its first ESG report. Measurable sustainability data is key for banks and our clients
Within the international environment, ESG criteria are increasingly becoming...
29. 06. 2023
Urbanity Campus Tachov has achieved the best BREEAM Communities certification rating in the Central and Eastern Europe region
Urbanity has now completed the three-year certification process with the final rating of “Excellent”...
24. 06. 2023
A new generation of industrial complexes is going up in Czech Republic
A new concept of industrial parks is coming closer to modern office complexes, paying attention to the overall work...
01. 06. 2023
An energy self-sufficient industrial complex is being built in Tachov
Our goal is to create a next-generation industrial park. We create campuses close to people...
21. 03. 2023
Industry, but also a doctor and a preschool. A unique campus worth three billion is being built in Tachov
In the west of Bohemia, an industrial complex is growing...
13. 12. 2022
Energy self-sufficiency in practice: The needs of Urbanity Campus Tachov will be met by a unique community energy block
Urbanity Real Estate Group has launched the first...
01. 11. 2022
Urbanity Campus Tachov receives prestigious international certification
The suburban industrial complex Urbanity Campus Tachov has been awarded the prestigious international BREEAM...
19. 09. 2022
The largest rooftop solar power plant in the Czech Republic to be built on a manufacturing campus in Tachov
Příměstský areál Urbanity Campus Tachov se díky využití zelené energie stane výrobním komplexem s nejnižší uhlíkovou...
26. 08. 2022
Another major manufacturer has started operations at Urbanity Campus Tachov
URBANITY Real Estate Group has completed and handed over to its client, the French company Eurostyle Systems, a brand...
16. 06. 2021
URBANITY expands the campus in Tachov with a modern production hall
URBANITY Real Estate Group is starting the construction of a new production hall in its industrial complex in Tachov...
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