25. 04. 2024

Campus Tachov has been ranked among the best sustainable projects in the Czech Republic. It scored points in the awards at the 2024 Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit.

Urbanity Campus Tachov was awarded the prestigious 2024 Sustainability Star award from the Scientific Council of the Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit. The Urbanity real estate group project represents a modern approach to industrial development, which builds on high standards and environmentally-friendly technologies. The manufacturing complex ranked among the top ten sustainability projects in the second year of the awards. The summit aims to present projects that have had a demonstrably positive impact on the environment or society. Markéta Šimáčková, the COO and Deputy CEO of Urbanity, accepted the award today at Cubex Centre Prague. “We truly appreciate the fact that the Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit Council selected Urbanity Campus Tachov among the top ten sustainable projects of 2024. Building sustainable industrial sites based on renewable energy sources and other technologies mitigating the effects on the environment have been an integral part of our vision ever since the beginning of our company's operations. At the same time, we are very happy to hear that we can inspire more people and companies about sustainable projects such as Urbanity Campus Tachov. Activities that have a real positive impact on people’s lives and the environment are important for the future of our country,” said Roland Hofman, co-founder of Urbanity Group. Urbanity Campus Tachov represents a new generation of industrial sites that comprehensively use brownfield areas. Its uniqueness lies, among other things, in the use of renewable energy sources in the form of the largest rooftop solar power plant in the Czech Republic, including a large battery storage site. It also works with other advanced technologies in the area of water and heat management. At the same time, the campus is an integral part of the town of Tachov, providing services not only for employees but also for local communities. For example, there is a company doctor, relaxation zones and a children's group, the creation of which significantly supported the local preschool education. In addition, the ongoing completion of the construction in the complex will gradually expand the project to include a multifunctional building with a hotel and a public forest park and preschool. This innovative project has become the very first industrial complex in the Czech Republic to receive the prestigious BREEAM Communities certification for sustainable urban areas, which are commonly acquired by residential areas, and it achieved the highest ranking in Central and Eastern Europe. Last year, Urbanity Campus Tachov even took first place from Best of Realty and also two first places from the Estate Awards, where the expert jury primarily appreciated the way Urbanity incorporated the entire campus into the local environment, significantly contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of Tachov and its surroundings. In addition, Urbanity Group was the first developer to be named in the ESG Rating in the category of TOP10 medium-sized enterprises in 2023. This year, Urbanity Campus Tachov was selected by the Scientific Council of the competition along with nine other projects and ranked among the best sustainable achievements of the last year. More than 60 projects were entered into the competition. This year’s second year of the Summit took place at Cubex Centre in Prague. Compared to the first year, it brought the greater involvement of state institutions, an extension of various interactive conference sections and workshops and a wider range of interested parties. More than 500 participants attended the summit. URBANITY is a real estate group that focuses on premium commercial real estate. Its goal is to build next-generation industrial campuses, where added value is created by an environment significantly oriented to the needs and comfort of their tenants. The concept of “made by Urbanity” projects meets the individual requirements of modern employers, and especially their employees, as well as the requirements for the ecological and energy sustainability of their own operations. The comprehensive urban solutions of the projects implemented by Urbanity Group, which is part of the M.L.Moran investment group founded in 1996, are unique on the Czech market and represent the future of refinement of industrial sites and brownfields for the 21st century. Urbanity: Markéta Šimáčková tel.: +420 777 327 011 e-mail: marketa.simackova@urbanity.cz
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