28. 11. 2023

First the largest rooftop power plant, now a large-capacity battery storage system. Green energy will cover up to 40% of the consumption of the production complex in Tachov

Prague, 28th of November 2023 – The Urbanity Campus Tachov production complex is heading toward energy independence through the use of renewable resources. The storage of surpluses of green electricity in the newly launched battery storage system with a total capacity of 1.4 MWh will help them achieve this. It is connected to a rooftop solar power plant with a capacity of 5 MWp, which is the largest of its kind in the Czech Republic. The energy produced will cover up to 40% of the annual consumption of the production site, and the Urbanity real estate group plans to significantly expand the storage capacity in the coming years.

“We see the installation of a large-capacity battery storage system in our Tachov campus as another essential step that moves us toward energy independence while being friendly to the environment. We are currently able to cover almost half the energy needs of the campus through our own resources, while we are planning to more than double the capacity of the battery system. Green energy is in high demand among companies and I believe that such a solution can be a model not only for other industrial sites, but also for cities and municipalities,” stated Roland Hofman, the CEO of Urbanity.

The battery storage system with a capacity of 1.4 MWh was installed in the Urbanity Campus Tachov industrial complex in order to fully and efficiently use the green energy produced from the large rooftop power plant directly on the premises. The battery is connected to the “community energy block”, so that all industrial zone operations can work with its capacity.
The large-capacity battery storage system is connected within the energy block to several charging stations for electric vehicles, heat pumps and also to the currently largest rooftop photovoltaic power plant in the Czech Republic with a final output of 5 MWp, which is located on the otherwise difficult to use roofs of the campus production buildings.
New rules are also being applied in Urbanity Campus Tachov for the management of thermal energy in the context of the use of waste heat from production technologies connected to heat accumulation in recuperative heat exchangers. Water management is also advanced, whether with regards to rain, wastewater or drinking water supplied from its own wells. To manage the individual technologies, a smart energy management system based on the online optimisation of energy flows is gradually being expanded.
Urbanity also places an emphasis on cooperation with municipalities and local communities, so the Tachov campus became the first industrial complex in the Czech Republic to receive the international BREEAM Communities certificate. It completed the three-year process for this certification with the highest ranking in the CEE region. As part of this year’s prestigious “Best of Realty – Nejlepší z realit” awards, now in its 25th year, it also won in the category of Industrial and Logistics Sites. In addition to Tachov, the Urbanity group currently operates in several other regions of the Czech Republic, where its activities focus on increasing the positive influence of its production campuses on the whole vicinity, their employees and the local communities.
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