21. 03. 2023

Industry, but also a doctor and a preschool. A unique campus worth three billion is being built in Tachov

In the west of Bohemia, an industrial complex is growing, that is unparalleled in the world. The developer Urbanity, owned by the investment group M.L. Moran of crisis manager Zdeněk Šmejkal , will combine a working environment on the edge of Tachov with services for the comfortable life of the local employees.

The project, called Urbanity Campus Tachov, which will require a total investment of  three billion Czech crowns will offer, in addition to production and storage facilities, qualified medical care, a high-quality preschool and a restaurant or café, for example.

The suburban complex with an area of 200 thousand square meters, which dates back to 1967, when the plastic factory Plastimat opened its operations there, has been decaying for years.Since 2019, however, it has been undergoing gradual reconstruction, which will ultimately result in the aforementioned unique complex at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025.

“Our vision is to develop and transform brownfields with traditional industrial production into modern campuses with a pleasant and attractive working environment at a first-rate level,” commented Roland Hofman, the co-founder of the real estate company Urbanity.

“We believe that a pleasant working environment will enable closer collaboration  and contact among the employees across all spectra and create an inspiring hub," he added.
Although Urbanity Campus Tachov, whose advantages also include the immediate proximity of the border with Germany, in addition to the unique idea and industrial tradition of the site, is not yet complete, it is already attracting the attention of the professional public.

It is the first project in the world with a prevailing focus on production to receive the prestigious international BREEAM Communities certification, which is awarded to urban units with an emphasis on sustainability and quality of life.

Thanks to the planned use of green energy, the Tachov Campus should also become the production complex with the lowest carbon footprint in the country. The community power-generating unit, consisting of the largest domestic rooftop photovoltaic power plant and battery storage, should contribute considerably to this.

“For the end consumers this will mean, among other things, lower and more cost-effective energy expenses, a reduction of produced emissions and a decreased energy dependence on public distribution networks,” explained Roland Hofman.

Urbanity also wants to build a new generation campus, with an emphasis on the needs and comfort of local employees, in Bruntál in the near future.

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