01. 11. 2022

Urbanity Campus Tachov receives prestigious international certification

The world's first manufacturing-focused brownfield site

The suburban industrial complex Urbanity Campus Tachov has been awarded the prestigious international BREEAM Communities certification. This type of comprehensive certification assesses important qualities of life in major urban areas and their contribution to local communities. By meeting the demanding criteria, the Urbanity Real Estate Group's complex has scored two firsts: it has become the first ever urban district with this award in the Czech Republic and also the very first such certified project with a predominantly manufacturing focus in the world.

After a year and a half of intensive work, Urbanity Campus Tachov has successfully passed the BREEAM Communities interim certification. This certification of at least "Excellent" level will be awarded not only project as a whole, but also its extremely efficient buildings. The BREEAM Communities assessment manual is divided into three parts, covering the development principles, urban design of the project and detailed design of the buildings themselves.

"Our vision is the development and transformation of brownfields with traditional industrial production into modern campuses with a pleasant and attractive working environment at the top level. At the same time, we intend to apply functional green solutions - including targeting renewable resources, sustainable technologies and blue-green infrastructure. We want to certify other upcoming projects in this way," adds Roland Hofman, co-founder of Urbanity Group.

"Thanks to the fact that the Urbanity team managed to obtain the BREEAM Communities certification, Urbanity Campus Tachov has become the first ever industrial campus with this type of award in the Czech Republic and the only certified industrial area with a predominantly manufacturing function in the world," emphasized Vendula Bét'áková from the consulting company Grinity, which provides certification for Urbanity Group.

Urbanity Campus Tachov is located in the suburban area of Tachov. It is a large area of approximately 22 hectares, where production halls with administrative facilities and a central building with all amenities for employees and the community are located. The site also includes a forest park and more than 60,000m2 for future construction. Currently, the construction of a production hall for the French company Eurostyle Systems has been completed, which is dedicated to the robotic production of plastic mouldings and synergistically complements the activities of companies already operating on the campus. Tachov has historically been the centre of the plastics industry - in 1967 the important Czech company Plastimat started its operations there.

The BREEAM Communities certification for Sustainable Urban Areas and Public Spaces is primarily designed to assess larger urban areas that contain multiple and diverse buildings. Achieving certification confirms that the project creates a healthy and sustainable ecosystem with a clear beneficial impact on the community and the surrounding area. It contributes positively and considerately to the urban, economic and social development of the entire locality and expands local amenities and transport and technical infrastructure. It uses green energy and local resources to meet its needs, while offering local communities and municipalities opportunities to influence key decisions about their development.

The construction of next-generation industrial campuses is one of the main activities of the Urbanity Group. The company's vision is to create an environment oriented to the needs and comfort of employees. Long-term campus tenants can easily become the preferred employers within entire regions.

"In our campuses, we want to provide superior civic and technical amenities not only to our clients and their employees, but also to the local communities we are part of. The campuses place an increased emphasis on design and architecture and are always easily accessible by public transport, bicycle and on foot," concludes Ondřej Šetka, director of the Urbanity Campus Tachov project.

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