15. 11. 2023

Urbanity Campus Tachov won the Best of Realty award in the category of Industrial and Logistics Sites

Prague, 15th of November 2023 – In the 25th year of the prestigious “Best of Realty – Nejlepší z realit” awards, the best projects in the Czech real estate sector for the past year were recognised at the awards ceremony in Prague’s Forum Karlín on Tuesday, 14 November. The winners of the more than eighty projects (a new record) were selected by an 11-member expert jury led by Tomáš Drtina, Vice President of the Association for Real Estate Development (ARTN). This year, the Urbanity Campus Tachov project won in the category of Industrial and Logistics Sites. This production campus won first place in its category thanks to the complete reconstruction of the Tachov brownfield, supplemented by new construction that revived the entire area. Moreover, Urbanity’s approach to industrial development fulfils the strictest ESG criteria.

“We truly appreciate the awards we have received. It is the result of the enormous efforts of our entire team and our vision of creating next generation production campuses that not only bring economic profit, but also ensure environmental sustainability and work sensitively with local communities. Our campuses positively develop entire localities. We are very pleased that the jury appreciated our approach,” said Roland Hofman, co-founder of Urbanity.

The grand reconstruction of the existing premises, which took place during the full operation of the production processes of the tenants who used the buildings, primarily captured the attention of the jury. The jury appreciated both the improvement of the quality of the working environment in the existing halls as well as the new construction of other buildings, which fulfil all the current ESG principles. Urbanity Campus Tachov became the first industrial complex in the Czech Republic to receive the international BREEAM Communities certification. It completed the three-year process for this certification with the highest ranking in the CEE region. Urbanity has therefore confirmed its exceptional position in the field of building unique and sustainable campuses not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout Europe. In addition to production facilities, this modern complex also includes associated services such as a company doctor and a children’s group. In the future, the buildings will be extended to include catering facilities, hotel and residential accommodation, fitness facilities and, for example, a preschool, the establishment of which will significantly support the lack of preschool education in this locality.

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