11. 12. 2023

Urbanity Campus Tachov won two first places in the 2023 Estate Awards

Prague, 11th of December 2023 – The Urbanity real estate group took home two first places from this year’s annual Estate Awards. Its Urbanity Campus Tachov won in the category of Sustainability and Ecology. The complex scored once again in the Industrial Project of the Year category, where the construction of the Gama building came in first. The award results were announced at a ceremony on Wednesday 6 December in the Empire Hall in Slovanský dům.

Urbanity Campus Tachov: 1st place for Sustainability and Ecology
The Urbanity Group focuses on building next-generation industrial campuses that meet the strictest ESG criteria, including environmental protection and employee care. During the planning and construction of individual Urbanity projects, it is already working closely with representatives of cities and local communities. This results in the creation of industrial campuses that do not only fulfil a production function, but also offer accompanying services and civic amenities for the campus staff and local residents. Urbanity Campus Tachov also became the first industrial complex in the Czech Republic to receive the international BREEAM Communities certification. The professional jury of the Estate Awards appreciated the way Urbanity worked with older original buildings, complemented them with new ones and, above all, how the entire campus was integrated into the local environment and contributes to the quality of life in Tachov and its surroundings.
Construction of the Gama building: 1st place in the Industrial/Logistics Project of the Year category
The Gama building won mainly for the very good use of the free space of the brownfield of the urban industrial complex, which contributes to the preservation of the plastics industry in the locality and keeps Tachov vibrant. Gama also drew attention with its architecturally interesting façade, the generous and extensive area of greenery and good integration into the surrounding urban development.
“The jury appreciated our long-term approach to building industrial campuses that have a truly positive effect in reducing environmental impacts and are based on cooperation with the local communities. From the very beginning of our company, we have had a clear vision to create industrial complexes that are sustainable and built on renewable energy sources and other modern technologies. Our production campuses strive to be beneficial not only for the companies and employees who work in them, but also for the residents of surrounding towns and municipalities. We want to be a partner for them,” said Roland Hofman, co-founder of Urbanity Group.
The Estate Awards, which evaluates and awards the most interesting projects in the field of real estate development, architecture and design, cover a wide range of categories, from residential projects to commercial real estate.
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